Thursday, 3 December 2009

A cold and crisp seashore safari.

After the wild weather of recent weeks the team at the Arran Wildlife Festival were VERY relieved that the day of our seashore safari for local businesses dawned cold and crisp!
We had a fantastic afternoon poking about in rockpools on the beach. The hands stayed warm enough to find some amazing looking beasties, fish, invertebrates, starfish and a few mysteries too. Thanks to Kate Sampson from the NTS Rangers, Howard Wood from COAST and Graeme Walker from SNH who lent a hand.
Afterwards we enjoyed a drink at Lamlash Golf Club and a chat about the 2009 festival and plans for 2010. A perfect end to a fab day.
Gerard Tattersfield from the Auchrannie Resort gets up close to a starfish.

Some of the diverse life to be found at low tide on a rocky shore, even at the end of November!

Answers on a postcard please? (Clue- it appeared to have an armoured body and was about an inch long...)

The moon rises on a perfect afternoon on the beach.